Microsoft quit supporting Windows XP back in April of last year but with a little ole registry tweak you can continue getting the important Microsoft Windows security updates until 2019.

You probably should still upgrade to a newer operating system if you want to take advantage of the newer features of Windows 8 or the upcoming Windows 10, but a lot of small businesses either can’t afford new computers or they’re stuck running an application that won’t run on a newer operating system.

The tweak makes use of updates for the Windows embedded operating system РPOSReady. These machines are what many POS (point of sale) systems use. This is based on Windows XP Service Pack 3, and the security updates which are being released for it are essentially the same ones Microsoft would have released for XP, if it were still doing so.

In order to install the new tweak, add this key to the Windows registry:



By making this registry edit you’re basically telling the Microsoft Update site that your operating system is XP embedded, not the regular XP version.

After you’ve added the new registry setting, reboot your computer and visit the Microsoft Updates website.

Although Microsoft could negate this tweak, it is doubtful they will. Also there is NO guarantee this change won’t negatively affect your computer but I’ve not experience any problems by doing so.