Our Services

Wordpress Maintenance

Your website is an asset that must be protected and maintained. With our monthly website maintenance plan you’ll Keep your site safe and functioning properly. We perform scheduled services including backups, website statistics, updates and security monitoring for one low monthly price.

Content Creation

Need help writing content for your site, a press release, or crafting that perfect email campaign? Good content is the key to being shared on the internet, indexed by search engines so that your website ranks high and what funnels consumers down the sales pipeline. Content will always be written for the reader and NOT keyword stuffed to ‘trick’ web crawlers.

Mobile Responsive Sites

All of our website and email newsletters are designed to be mobile responsive, meaning they will automatically format for the device visitors view them on. There are many reasons to ensure these assets are designed in this way, not to mention that search engines give precedence to sites that are responsive. This means your site will be more visible on the Internet.

Reputation Management

Reputation is EVERYTHING these days. Word-of-Mouth Marketing is trusted more than any other form of advertising and in this digital age, reviews, star-ratings and company feedback is easier than ever for consumers to report. Make sure that your online presence reflects your company in the best light WITHOUT paying for scam services and paid ads on review sites.

Wordpress Security

Like in the physical world – in the digital, it’s imperative to be mindful of security for your website. With hacker attacks, malware, and major security vulnerabilities, there’s a lot to worry about. You’re concerned – there’s plenty of reason to be, as a single event like these could negatively affect your business and your brand. Let us help you secure your WordPress site so you don’t have to worry.

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted data from your computer’s hard drive, flash drive or memory card or even reformatted your hard drive without first backing up your data? Perhaps your hard drive crashed and is now corrupt, how will you recover you data? We have the necessary experience and software to recover your data in many cases, including failed RAID 0 and RAID 5. We can also crack a forgotten or lost password on devices or files you certify you own.

Social Media Marketing

Think of social media as a tool for sharing your blog content, re-purposing older content to give it a second, fresh life and point consumers toward your website. Keep your website from becoming a digital paperweight. PUSH people to it via smart social media that include unique graphics.

Google Adwords

You want your site to rank organically with proper design and engaging content but an effective Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign can help in many ways including generating immediate traffic to your site and as a way to test different advertising strategies. We can help you build a powerful Adword campaign as another tool to build your brand.

Marketing Strategy

Have a vision but don’t know how to implement it? An idea but are afraid to test the waters without a sounding board? Need consultation on the upcoming season? We’re here to help you make smart, data-driven decisions based on sound advice, experience and best practices that increase your ROI.