Why You Need WordPress Website Maintenance

Much like an automobile or your house, it’s imperative to maintain your website. The framework we design our websites with is built on the very popular WordPress framework. Every month there are important updates that come out for:

  • The WordPress framework, the underlying code your site is built on.
  • Themes, the structure and look of your site.
  • Plugins, which are used to give your site additional functionality.
  • Security updates that fix vulnerabilities in the code of the site.

These items need attention constantly each week. In addition to installing these updates it’s important to make sure full backups of your site are made and you are scanning against malware, viruses and more. Occasionally a security update may not be compatible with your website, in the instances in which this happens, time is required to properly troubleshoot the root cause of the issue and to put a proper fix in place.

What’s the cost of not protecting your site with a monthly maintenance plan?

Think you can’t afford the monthly WordPress maintenance fee of $50? You really can’t afford not to. It’s extremely important that you protect the investment you’ve made in your website. Not keeping things maintained will only end up costing you more down the road in:

  • Downtime – Can you stand to have your site down due to a hack?
  • Money – Fees associated to get your site back online can quickly add up and you may potentially lose business from people searching the web for your services.
  • Liability – You could be liable, if your visitors pick up a virus while visiting your site or if something illegal gets placed on your site by a malicious agent.
  • Search Engine Blacklisting – When Google and other search engines detect malware on your site they will blacklist you and prevent your site from coming up in internet searches.

Why would my site get hacked?

Although you may not store any confidential information on your website, hackers do not know this and they will put forth much effort to get access to your site for many ill intended reasons.

A compromised site may be used for:

  • Sending SPAM
  • Used to install viruses on visitor’s computers
  • Used to store illegal files for access by criminals.
  • Bot net controlled denial of service attacks on other websites.

Although there is no such thing as being 100% secure, you want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to damage your site. Most hackers will simply move on to an easier target if they can’t easily access your site. Be diligent and minimize risk. It’s amazing how many hacking attempts there are on a daily basis on our customers sites. Let us protect your site.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance plan includes: monthly hosting fees, security updates, site backups, basic content updates and priority support. All of this is only $75 per month.