WordPress Website Security

Can you stand to have your website down due to an attack? How long would your site have to be offline before it affects your business? What would you do if your site was used to store illegal files? What happens if your site gets blacklisted by Google? Your hacked site can be used for many malicious activities. If you lose control of your site it can be used to infect visitors’ computers with a virus or to send your guests to another website just to name a few. Google and other search engines will notice and rank your site lower or completely blacklist it all together. Every second of downtime is a potential loss of picking up a new client or missing a potential sale. Once a site is hacked it can take lots of resources and time before it’s back to normal. Although there is no such thing as being 100% secure, you want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to damage your site. Most hackers will simply move on to an easier target if they can’t easily access your site.

Your website is an investment in time and money, be sure to take care of it! Every moment your website is down, you are losing money.

WordPress Website Security We Provide

The tools we use to protect your site are the best in the industry. They help to minimize the chance you’ll have security problems and decrease the likely hood of your site being down. Our approach to security is based on these three considerations:


First and foremost your site needs to be protected. We will put measures in place to keep your site safe by making it difficult for hackers to breach your security. We will automatically ban malicious bots and hosts. We’re constantly scanning your website’s file structure and plugins looking for vulnerabilities. You would be surprised how many login attempts throughout the day your site get’s from hackers. Our tools will detect their activity and block them. We use methods to hide and change back-end links that hackers use to attack your site.


We will be monitoring the perimeter of your site. We will know when an attack is occurring and block the attack before it can do damage. Our software tracks everything that happens on your site and audits the creation of new users, file changes, and login attempts.


No matter how well you secure your site, sometimes things will happen. If your site goes down, we will be prepared to get your site back online quickly. Recovery ensures that reliable backups are performed on a scheduled basis and any poisoned code is fixed. No matter if a malicious user overwrites your files or you accidentally delete your blog, we’ll assist in getting your data back and fixing the problem.

WordPress Security Services are only $150 per year. If another party created your website you can still get our security services by signing up for the WordPress Maintenance Plan.